Flying home…

Summer in Germany has not been very generous this year, and long distance flights were a bit out of the question for a while due to the permanent presence of thunderstorms.

But mid-August summer had decided to somewhat return (or arrive in the first place)  and provided for a weekend with some clouds – did I say that I absolutely hate it, when there are no clouds. They just add that much to flying. Blue skies though… better fly over some interesting grounds.

Nevertheless, the plane was booked – a nice 1982 Socata TB20 Trinidad. Born in France just a few months before me. Freshly painted and overhauled. I had flown it before a few times, but never really far away.

My furthest flight in the same direction was in a Cessna 172. This time around the route would not take me through Cologne’s CTR, instead I would land just short of it in Leverkusen, near my hometown of Bergisch Gladbach, where my parents would pick me up.

Without further ado, here is the video, be warned 😉 there’s only one camera perspective.


Starting fresh….

Well, hello there.
you are wondering, what is going on here, right?

No problem, let me explain:

In the forseeable future, this blog is going to cover my endeavours in aviation and – attention – cooking.

These two things are completely unrelated, you say?
Indeed, they are. But they are also my two hobbies at the moment, and so, in this blog they go!

Wait, why are you writing in english, if you are from Germany?

Well, talk about increasing my audience – especially aviation is very popular in english speaking countries, so there is that.
But, of course, I am not a native speaker, so forgive me my ton of mistakes 😉

I hope you are all going to have some fun following me on my adventures in the air and in the kitchen!


Starting fresh….